Rev Christina Harden (BA, BEd)


Rev Christina is an Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. She was Appointed to that ministry on July 5th, 2014. She is also a Minister of Pastoral Care.

Academic Achievements

  • Bachelor of Education (University of Windsor)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Windsor)
  • Specialist Diploma in Special Education and a Specialist in Guidance Counselling.
  • Graduate NODA (No One Dies Alone) Bereavement Training.


Educator of the Year Award from the Council for Exceptional Children (Essex County Chapter), 2012.


Christina loves a variety of sports! Currently, she plays pickleball (the fastest growing sport in North America!) and was past president of her local pickleball club. In addition, she plays volleyball, golf and has recently added badminton to her sporting life. She’s not only about keeping physically active; she’s also a member of three book clubs, so as you can see, she loves reading!

Three Words Friends Use to Describe Christina: professional, enthusiastic, accommodating.

Bereavement Ministry

For the past four years, Rev Christina has been a Hospice volunteer. Weekly, she visit patients in the palliative care homes in Essex County. In addition, she provides respite care by visiting cancer patients in their homes.

Christina has had special training in a program called NODA (No One Dies Alone). She provides overnight vigils for patients near the end of their life. This allows families, who can’t be with their loved ones, the relief of knowing that their family member is not alone: “I’m honoured to be a part of the Hospice family.”

Christina has been asked to perform several funerals by family friends, “When requested, I visit the grieving family and listen to the memories they have of their loved one. I write a funeral service that is meaningful and respectful of the family’s values.”

Recently, Christina has added an additional responsibility through the Hospice. She is a member of the Spiritual Care Team. She meets with patients in palliative care and assesses their interest/need for spiritual care. This care is provided by community members who reflect their faith or by trained volunteers.

Pastoral Counselling

Prior to my Appointed Ministry, I was a Guidance Counselor at a local high school for six years. This required additional course work in order to become qualified for the position. Prior to my Ministry, I was also Learning Support Teacher for 35 years during which I developed excellent listening skills.

Closing Remarks

“I feel very fortunate to be part of the ministerial team of Clergy Support Memorial Church. I get to witness and participate in one of the happiest days of a couple’s life! Each wedding is unique, and I take great care in writing a ceremonial script that reflects the couple’s values and our Church beliefs.

It also gives me great meaning to be part of the Pastoral Care team.”