Appointed Designated Ministry

The Ordered Ministry of Clergy Support Memorial Church contains two orders of Ministry:

  1. The Appointed Designated Minister (Appointed)
  2. The Ordained Minister

The following attempts to describe the office of ‘Appointed Minister’ within our Church structure.

The Appointed ministry, as a recognized order, is rooted within our faith tradition and history, and it is continued and embodied in an ecumenical, worldwide community albeit by different names in different church traditions.

The Appointed Minister’s main function is conducting Life Events like weddings. In doing so, we celebrate a ministry of presence as we reach out to those beyond the reach of traditional church culture.

We hope by establishing a relationship with those who call upon us they will be free to call upon us in the future for other events of pastoral care such as baptisms, funerals, visitation in hospitals, old age facilities etc.

Ultimately, through the Churches service of pastoral care, our hope is to encourage a growing faith that stirs hope, nurtures life-giving community, fosters peaceful, right relationship, within the church and the whole of creation wherever the Spirit may lead.

This vocation as an Appointed Minister is a journey involving Spirit-filled enrichment and learning, requiring humble offering of self, demanding prayerful discernment and courageous risking, exercising visionary and communal leadership, promising joy and meaning, and daring to imagine God’s abundance in a world of love and respect.

Statement of theAppointed Designated Ministry’ of Clergy Support Memorial Church approved at the Annual Meeting (March 16th, 2001).