Rev Robert Corbett MFA, BA


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Rob Corbett to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Teaching Ministry, on November 23, 2021. We welcomed Rev. Rob’s dedication and his talent to bring to the fore social and human issues of the day, such as inclusion, discrimination, xenophobia, etc. Rob finds the people can express their faith and their way of life through the arts, plays, books, and acting, which is a way of self-expression in a more encompassing way than just words. He has also been willing to share his talent in the communities he has, and continues to serve, especially connecting with others, and sharing with them his love of writing and acting.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate of the Canadian Ministers Institute – December 2021
  • MFA, Creative Writing, University of British Columbia – June 12, 2012
  • BA (Hons.), Liberal Arts, University of Waterloo – June 12, 2008
  • Ontario Bible College, Theology – June 1989

Awards and Memberships

  • Winner of the Toronto Film Library (TIFF) for the film Whatever You Want
  • Finalist at the ‘Open Door’ Screenwriting Competition, Alliance Atlantis

Helping to bring about a difference

Rob is skilled at bringing together his experience and passion for the arts: through acting, writing, and teaching, and putting them in the service of his community and his church. Highlights include writing and directing Children’s Christmas Pageants, Living Stations of the Cross, Shakespeare is Boffo (Introducing children to Shakespeare).

Each year Rob can be counted on to regularly serve meals at the Eastminister United Church, supporting and aiding their Out of the Cold shelter program. Homelessness is present in every urban setting and is given very little government support.

Working as a college instructor for over 19 years, Rev. Rob has found that he has a calling to assist and support young people.  Many of whom are drawn to him for support, counsel, and assistance with many life situations, including identity, gender and sexual orientation and navigating in a still not fully accepting society. Rob knows when to accompany and when to facilitate further help for his pupils.

Current projects

Rev. Rob is currently organizing a retreat that focuses on exploring the power of story to heal. Working collaboratively with a psychotherapist, the retreat will focus on the participant’s ability to clearly understand and claim their own life story, allowing the participant to be able to write a better present and future to their own story. In this way, the retreat will explore the power of story to shape our personal worldview and our lives.


Rev. Rob is supportive, inclusive, creative and a firm believer that God is much bigger than any denominational church or congregation. He has in the past been an active member of several Christian churches, and he does consider himself a Christian. However, he also understands and knows varied expressions of and towards God in humanity.  He is deeply influenced by ancient mysticism and, inspired by them he lives in committed to constant personal growth. An active act of worship for Rev. Rob has moved from the traditional congregational gatherings to outward expressions to a grateful appreciation, respect and honouring of all of creation, in helping others, walking alongside their needs and struggles. Rob is also cultivating the artful disciplines of meditation, prayer, and journaling.

Personal Growth

Having been a very active member of church congregations in his childhood and youth, Rev. Rob’s current path includes spiritual reading, daily meditation, and active connection with nature and people who challenge, inspire and encourage his spiritual growth, striving for a constant practice of gratitude and mindfulness.

Rev. Rob has been deeply moved recently by the writings of Brene Brown, such as Dare to Lead. Other works he has recently benefited from are, Untamed by Glennon Dale, and Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence.


As you might guess, Rob is an avid writer, especially of plays, though not exclusively. He finds the solitude while writing a wonderful balancing force when faced with the multitude of other people and voices in the stages of producing and staging plays. This balance allows Rob to contemplate the struggle between personal and social issues in creative and challenging ways.

He is also an avid crafter. Working with his hands and creating objects that are both, functional and beautiful appeals to Rev. Rob’s creative and practical sides.