Rev Patricia Cook (BEd, MDiv)


Rev Patricia was Ordained by Clergy Support Memorial Church June 9th, 2016 as a minister assigned to the Roman Catholic Women Priest Ministry in Toronto, Ontario. Her congregation is named The Church of the Beatitudes on Roncesvalles street in Toronto. She will also make herself available to perform Pastoral Care at the request of our national office in Toronto.

Academic Achievements

  • BA Wilfrid Laurier
  • BEd University of Toronto
  • MDiv Trinity College, University of Toronto

Pastoral Care Activities

“I have a chaplain certification in that I have completed Clinical Pastoral Education courses 1 and 2.  I visit hospitals that parishioners or parishioners’ families or friends may be in.”


“I am installed as the Pastor of Church of the Beatitudes at Roncesvalles United Church (because it offers church of the Beatitudes space on the first and third Sundays at 2.00 pm) and I lead in worship on the first and third Sundays of every month. Also, I have two house Eucharist groups. One is in central Etobicoke (usually 6 – 12 participants who are all older women) and one is in Kitchener (usually 10 – 15 who are women, men and children). The Etobicoke group meets once a month. The Kitchener group meets sporadically and has come to Church of the Beatitudes several times. I take no remuneration from any of these groups.”

Giving Back

“I do Morning Prayer at Sunnybrook Hospital every other month (formerly St. John’s Rehab Hospital). I support Trillium Health Partners, War Amps Seeing Eye dogs, financially. I offer gifts of food and friendship with fellow City of Toronto employees and especially those who have less.”

Personal Growth and Study

“Several books have impacted me this year. They include: “Beyond Belief” by John Shelby Spong, “From Sand to Solid Ground” by Michael Morwood, “Out of the Depths” by Ludmila Javorova and “Can You Drink This Cup?” by Henri J. M. Nouwen.”

Counseling Activities

“I listen to parishioners. I rarely give advice but rather explore options available to parishioners. If I deem there is a need for professional advice, I offer individual names of professionals or places where they could possibly receive this help.”

Study Groups

“I intend to join C.F.U.W (Canadian Federation of University Women) this September in order to hear guest speakers, visit exhibits, platys etc. It is my intention to volunteer at the Polycultural Centre in Etobicoke which acclimated new Canadian immigrants.”

Closing Words

“Because of Clergy Support Memorial Church, I have new pastoral opportunities and I have the support of a great team in the national office! I am grateful. I offer my sincerest thank-you.”