Rev Janice Meighan MA, BA


Rev Janice Meighan was ordained with Clergy Support Memorial Church June 11, 2012. Her lifelong humanities and religious studies along with her extensive and esteemed community work were the top considerations for the board to unanimously support her investiture. Janice’s outreach ministry is driven by her belief in “The Golden Rule”, and that we are all spiritual beings having a material experience.   

Academic Background and Training

  • Graduate certificate – Canadian Celebrants Institute (2019)
  • Master of Arts in Humanities – Religious studies – Magna Cum Laude – University of Toronto (2010)
  • HBA with Distinction – Humanities with minors in Ritual Studies and Biblical Studies – York University (2004/2006)
  • Certificate – Bereavement Education & Grief Counseling – The Canadian Centre in association with Adler Professional Schools (2002)

Noteable Service Club Membership and Awards

  • Awarded Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada Scholarship and Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2010)
  • Awarded “The Eva Halward Prize” for Highest Achievement in Humanities
  • Awarded 5 continuing education scholarships for highest GPA in Religious Studies
  • Province of Ontario Volunteer Service Award (2002-2015)
  • Board Member – Canadian Charitable Annuity Association (2016-2018)
  • Member – AFP – Association of Fundraising Professionals (2016-2019)
  • Member – CAGP – Canadian Association of Gift Planners (2016-2019)
  • Member ADEC – Association of Death Education and Counseling (2002-2015)
  • Chair – Pastoral Care and Education Committee at West Hill United Church (2005-2015)


Rev Janice is a long-time resident of Toronto where she lives with her husband of more than 25 years and enjoys being a mom-by-marriage and a grandma. Over the years, she has developed a ministry in outreach and support. From assuming pastoral responsibilities for the congregation of West Hill United Church when the minister was on vacation or sabbatical to providing pastoral and spiritual care for seniors by visiting them at their home, her empathy, understanding and compassion are some of the qualities her congregants rely on from Janice when they call on her for support. 

She has contributed to the religious community as the author of “Feisty and Fearless, Glimpses into the Life of Lois M. Wilson” (The Honorable, Very Rev.) C.C., Ont. Published by The United Church of Canada Publishing House, Toronto, ON.

Pastoral Care

Rev Janice has created, facilitated, and designed many courses and workshops within her ministry.  She created 14 courses and workshops for West Hill United Church that were attended by many congregants of diverse backgrounds and interested members from the community at large. She facilitated and participated in Religious & Film groups, a Women’s Spirituality Group, and The Last Dance: a look at death and dying. She has dedicated 13 years co-facilitating group and individual sessions for the bereaved with a Survivor Support Program in Toronto. Janice’s passionate support for her community is endless. Along with her husband, they have developed a methodology for the fundraising field known as The Empowerment Dialogue Approach which is aimed to help charitable organizations ask for Legacy and current gifts from donors and supporters. 

Today, her true vocation is evolving and expanding her knowledge of rituals. To date she has created, designed, and presided over 400 life celebration transition rituals for individuals, couples, and families. She has ministered for weddings, funerals, celebrations of life, memorials, baby namings, and milestone birthday celebrations. Her attention to detail, her compassionate tact and her ability to manage joyful, difficult and emotional situations has been the inspiration that people appreciate from Rev Janice for their celebration or challenging moments in life. 

She also engages in hospital visits and many supportive pastoral phone calls. In her ministry to seniors, she has assisted in supporting several to plan their funerals and has been entrusted the responsibility of POA for a couple of seniors (friends) who she visits regularly.


A part of Rev Janice’s spiritual path begins with her belief that everyone is a spark of the divine; and at the end to quote Walt Whitman –

“To know the universe itself as a road, as many roads, as roads for traveling souls.

All parts away for the progress of souls, All religion, all solid things, arts, governments—all that was or is apparent upon this globe or any globe, falls into niches and corners before the procession of souls along the grand roads of the universe. … They go! they go! I know that they go, but I know not where they go, But I know that they go toward the best—toward something great.”

Her belief in the “Golden Rule” and that all traditions have something to contribute to everyone’s life, she creates a synergistic daily life which includes her dedication to Clergy Support Memorial Church.

As a life-long learner, Rev Janice plans to continue devoting herself to providing life-enhancing and meaningful rituals of all kinds to all members of her community. She endeavours to create a variety of online courses such as a tutorial for parents to explain the divine to their children, and a program to help people plan their “Last Dance”. Janice believes that her  education, life and business experience – all comprising  her vocation will be helpful to many people still hungry for a meaningful and spiritual life as they continue to search for rituals even as they distance themselves from traditional institutions and churches. 

Community Involvement

Janice and her husband have created a fund with the Toronto Foundation and grant charitable causes in the core of the City of Toronto. They also ensure that they contribute monthly to various charities focusing on the environment and the outdoors which includes camping opportunities for children.

Sharing her Personal Growth and Plans

Janice’s dedication to her ministry keep her engaged. When she does take time from her duties to relax, she can be found with her girlfriends who reenergize her by their love, support and connection, and who continue to contribute to making her the empowered woman she is today. Her husband who is also her walking partner, shares in Saturday morning breakfasts with deep discussions. He provides her with his utter unconditional love every day and she is blessed knowing how his love has changed her life.

She is proud to share that being a stepmother / mother-by-marriage has been one of the most challenging and rewarding and has shaped her in significant ways. They had to negotiate three families, all new rituals, and how they would be together as a new family. It has had its ups and downs over 25 years but thankfully, more ups in the last 15 years or so.