Rev Monique Vanier Dolman

Vanier Dolman, Monique for email signatureCredentials

The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev Monique Vanier Dolman to the office of Appointed Designated Minister – Community Outreach Ministry on June 24, 2019. Rev Monique demonstrated she has the life experience, and in this context will be treated as analogous to academic theological training. She brings a drive to serve her community, an honesty and a natural charisma that puts you at ease as soon as you meet her.

Spiritual Demensions

No matter what type of work Monique has taken on over the years, she has always dealt with the care and service of people. She has been personally blessed with many rewards and what she calls a ‘logical and creative brain’. Rev Monique is passionate about promoting kindness, consideration and goodness to people, animals and our environment. She was raised a Catholic, leaving her with lessons which enlighted her awareness of how important it is to have beliefs. Monique truly believes our God/Spirit/Creator is everywhere and does not confine itself to a building. She gives thanks for each day in her daily prayers.

Community Support

Rev Monique is community oriented and is available to help out when she can. She and her husband own Fox Lake Lodge which often donate space for seasonal activities and community gatherings.

Some of the organizations she has been involved with are;
– Onaping Falls Lions Club
– Onaping Falls Art Club
– Onaping Falls Nordic Ski Club
– Ladies Auxiliary of the Onaping Legion, Branch 503
– Crime Stoppers
– Dowling Winter Carnival-Snow Machine Races
– Employee Social Club
– Iron Broom
– Calvacade of Colours
– Onaping Falling Stars

Personal Growth and Hobbies

Monique has a constant desire to learn, improve and then share that knowledge with others. Time permitting she reads self help books like ‘Crucial Conversations‘, and takes online or local courses, such as; Mindfule Mediation and Intuitive Painting. On the roster are; The Artist’s Way and  Journaling for Self Reflection.

As far as hobbies, she admits she loves anthing to do with crafts. Sewing moccasins, mittens and hats, painting and photographing scenes of birds and wildlife in and around her home on the lake.