Rev Caroline Hallsworth (BA, MLIS)

Caroline Hallsworth - 3352 - 600x600Appointment

Rev Caroline Hallsworth holds the rank of Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church (since January 3rd, 2019). She was invited to join as she has demonstrated dedication to caring for others with a positive and empathetic appreciation for others and their beliefs, combined with nearly a decade’s experience in solemnizing civil marriages for the city. Her life experiences were regarded by our Board as analogous to Theological Studies.

Academic Achievements

  • Master of Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario, 1985.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in History, Trent University, 1984.
  • Recipient of an Ontario Government Graduate Scholarship.
  • A multi-year Scholarship student, awarded Lady Eaton College’s most prestigious student accolade, the Marjorie Seeley Prize ‘for outstanding contribution to college life.’


  • Women in Leadership Award, Sudbury Business and Professional Women’s Club, 2005.
  • One of four Canadians recognized by the American Library Association in 2003 as a “Mover and Shaker” in the profession and recipient of an Industry Canada LibraryNet Best Practices Award for Innovation.

Pastoral Care

Caroline lives her life based on the values of respect and support for the people in her life. For almost a decade, she was fortunate to officiate civil marriages in her role as City Clerk. She has officiated in joyous and tragic circumstances and brings compassion and authentic support to all the couples whom she meets.

Officiating at hundreds of wedding ceremonies she was always deeply moved by the vows made between each couple, as promises to each other, to their guests and to their communities. Providing the structure, symbolism, and language of ritual to celebrate life events (birth, marriage and death) helps bring individuals closer to their truest selves.

Caroline has long found the provision of counsel to others to be a most meaningful part of personal and professional relationships. She has mentored many young people, including several international exchange students who have lived with her family

Bereavement Ministry

She has a strong and compassionate awareness of end of life roles in offering more social and emotional support in palliative care support and in leading a celebration of life ceremony. She is always available to contribute her compassionate support to individuals and families at those difficult times. She has demonstrated to us that she is articulate, considerate, proficient in her approach.

She completed the Executive Leadership program at Queen’s University where she learned to focus on active listening, authentic communication and coaching for personal enhancement. In 2016, she completed the two-day Mental Health First Aid course which sharpened her understanding of mental health impacts and added depth to her empathy.

Philosophy on Life

Caroline has strong special empathy for the pastoral and the spiritual beliefs of others.  From the simplicity of life to the higher qualities of the soul and spirit, she believes the essence all humans is found in the qualities of their mind and character.

Caroline respects each person’s sense of self and metaphorically walks with them through a part of life’s labyrinth, helping guide them to finding that spiritual or pastoral place where they can find their own calm, comfort, and inner soul.

Community Involvement

For three decades she served in the public sector, which is an avocation and a meaningful way to help grow and develop her community. She has previously served on the Boards of Genevra House and has also donated her time as a Salvation Army Kettle Volunteer.

When her children where younger, she volunteered actively in their activities: from developing a multi-year plan for a school to cooking at Girl Guides of Canada winter camps and coaching soccer. Today, she and her husband provide support to their adult children and aging parents.


In her spare time, she can be found reading, particularly historical fiction, and keeping active with daily walks, tennis, yoga or using her green thumb to coax perennials to grow in rock gardens. Spending time at the cottage – particularly time on the dock with family and friend – allows her to maintain a solid appreciation for her life. She likes to explore new places; puzzle over crosswords; savour the newspaper with a cup of tea; and converse with a network of correspondents, electronically and by paper.