Rev Shawn Lowe BA, RSW

Lowe, Shawn for email signatureCredentials

The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev Shawn Lowe to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Counselling Ministry on April 29, 2019.  Rev Shawn has become a dedicated minister with a history of counselling parents, families and individuals struggling with various life issues such as trauma, abuse, as well as marital and grief.

Formal Education and Awards

  • Graduate Certificate – Canadian Ministers Training Institute
  • University of Waterloo, Renison College, Bachelor of Arts Degree – major in social development studies
  • Certificate of General Social Work – Renison College
  • Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology, Graduated with Honours on the Dean’s List, from the Social Service Worker Program, Awarded the Joanne Gill Memorial Scholarship for high academic achievement (1992)
  • Computer Fundamentals Certificate (1999)


  • Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers – Registered Social Worker 2003
  • Ontario Association of Social Workers – 2014

Shawn’s Spiritual Search

He admits his relationship with traditional church has been difficult over the years. Shawn’s paternal family identified with the United Church, but he rarely attended. He tried to become involved in the rites and rituals of different churches in his youth, with friends and relatives, but always drifted away seeking guidance and comfort in Humanism instead.

The discovery of Clergy Support Memorial allowed him to serve community in ways he didn’t think were possible. He resonated with their Christian outreach theology and enjoys being part of a like-minded group of people who are pulled toward helping others.

With a family of his own, he wants to ensure his children have a broad knowledge of religion, and as a family they currently attend the Wesleyan Methodist Church with their youngest daughter. He continues to read and study theology, as he describes his journey as faith seeking understanding.

Counselling Ministry

Rev Shawn believes he has had a blessed life and was once reminded that ‘Service is the rent we pay for living in a society.’

He worked with Young Offenders and Adult Offenders within the community. It was through this work he developed alternative programs to keep young people out of custody, and alternatively providing a community service while they lived at home.

Shawn has always been a committed advocate for children. For over 25 years he was dedicated to child welfare activities and programs to protect children. This difficult work meant dealing with organizations and parents regardless of their behavior or difficulties.

Shawn continues his career in the mental health field, serving children, families and individuals, as well as providing outreach support to his community.


Photography has been Shawn’s primary hobby for over a decade. Word travels fast when you’re a good photographer and Shawn has enjoyed giving his time and talents to charity events and local service clubs and sports organizations. His work has been published in magazines and online.

It pays to pay it forward as they say, as Shawn’s mentoring in the photographic arts led a son of his good friend to studying photo journalism in college. This young man went on to be published twice in Maclean’s Magazine and has also contributed to the Ottawa Citizen.

Shawn is an avid reader. He has enjoyed reading books by the Reverand Tom Harpur, the Psalms of David and the writings of Psychologist Carl Rogers.  C.S. Lewis remains his favourite author.