Rev Christina Haig


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Christina Haig to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Youth Ministry on September 13, 2016. Rev. Christina is always focused on providing service to others in her community. Especially youth – children and teens, with whom she deals with everyday. You won’t find a more humble, helpful and loyal person than Christina.


Christina is a crafter and had a home-based business for a time. Now she enjoys making special gifts for family and a long list of grandchildren who love getting something made by grandma. Come summer she and her husband are out on the water enjoying the outdoors in their kayaks.

Pastoral Care

Conducting wedding ceremonies is one of Rev Christina’s favourite ways to give back to her community. Her flexibility and attention to detail are a hit with the couples she has worked with, and she has the testimonials to prove it.

She has an impressive background in youth and ministry work. Rev Christina is a woman of strong faith and continues to attend church as often as she can. She was an Anglican Church leader for five years, a Sunday School teacher, she’s made two mission trips to Cuba with teens, and was the owner and manager of a Christian bookstore for many years.

Currently, Christina hosts a support group in her home with cancer patients. She also volunteers for an emergency crisis line and is someone who will listen and talk them down from their situation, offering feedback and most importantly providing comfort.

At present, she has begun her training in Baptism and Funeral ceremonies and hopes to support the church in these sacraments as well.   

Closing Words

“My life as always been centered around kids in some shape or form. Their honest and unconscious desire to support people in need without fear or discrimination is very moving and it makes me feel special to be part of their lives.”