Rev Ken Commerford-Everett

CredentialsCommerfordEverett, Ken

Rev Ken Commerford-Everett holds the rank of Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. His youthful perspective, enthusiasm and academic knowledge were strong attributes for which the Board agreed to invite Rev Ken to join our Ministry.

Academic Achievements

  • BEd with specialization in Education, Cum Laude, University of Ottawa, ON – 2014
  • BA with specialization in History, Cum Laude, Carleton University, ON – 2013


Ken provides quality rites of passage in a manner consistent with Clergy Support Memorial’s endorsed principles.  He is also a resource for members of the public and members of CSMC congregations in situations where a minister is not available.

Rev Ken is new to our ministry and shows great promise in reaching out to the community. His many years of volunteer work, his dedication to fundraising and his active participation with youth is a solid reflection of the quality of his contribution to the outreach that the Church offers.

His immense understanding of compassion, charity and the respect for the religious beliefs of others are the key values that he holds to his core for his work within his ministry. Ken is committed and conscientious in helping people appreciate the importance of the personal and spiritual meaning of their Life Celebration.

Outreach & Personal Engagement

Rev Ken has provided over a decade of service and leadership to youth and peers alike in the tight knit hockey community. Ken finds value and a meaningful sense of achievement when he applies his counselling and leaderships skills to the youth he has coached, trained and educated over the past years.

He also believes that all people of faith, regardless of their faith tradition are searching for the same thing: the transcendent or the divine. No matter how that is expressed in their culture or faith. He believes people search for ultimate meaning in their life and want to find means of expressing this meaning.

Giving Back to the Community

Ken believes his biggest contribution is being an active participant in planning various charity initiatives to raise money for the Bruyere Hospice in Ottawa and raise awareness for Alzheimer’s research and care.

As a passionate advocate for Alzheimer’s research, Ken has participated in four years of study with the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer’s Network (DIAN) team in order to assist researchers to better understand the disease. Ken’s participation is focused on tracking identifiers in younger people who have parents effected by the disease. Every two years Ken travels to prestigious research centers in Boston in order to participate in clinical studies and tests as part of his contribution to the program.

In July 2016, he was invited to deliver a presentation to the DIAN Conference in Toronto hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association of Canada.


As a lifelong Bruins/Senators fan, Ken is extremely passionate about hockey and loves an active lifestyle that includes other sports like soccer, while also acting as a hockey referee for the last 12 years. Aside from hockey, Ken has always been an avid reader of history books as well as keeping up with the latest global affairs. He has recently begun a new training regime to improve his health as well as his abilities as a hockey player. Ken’s newest endeavour is researching health and nutrition in order to better his body and mind. His vision also applies to his new dog Poppy, who he has begun training. The two of them are enjoying recognized top-level training and control methods from various well-regarded dog experts and associations.

Three Words Friends Use to Describe Ken: Engaging, humorous, generous.