Rev Gisèle Savard-Lalonde MThP, BTh


Rev Gisèle Savard-Lalonde has served the Church for 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down. She began her ministry with Clergy Support Memorial Church in 2007 and was Appointed as a Designated Minister on July 28, 2007. As a result of her continual growth, she established her ministry in counselling and she continues to serve and support her community through this means. Recognizing her contributions, the church board approved her for Ordination on December 12, 2019. This raise in rank comes after years of dedication, prayer and making herself available to help those in need.

Academic achievements

  • Certificate of Achievement – Canadian Ministers Institute, 2020
  • Bachelor of Theology, Saint Paul University, 2000
  • Master of Pastoral Theology, Saint Paul University, 2002

Pastoral Care and Life Celebrations

Family and children are an important part of Gisèle’s life. Even as a busy wife and mother to their four children, Rev Gisèle enjoyed giving Sunday bible classes for over 10 years to children and adults at the Parish of St. Jacques in Embrun.

Having the advantage of being fluently bilingual in French and English, she often offers her services as a religious translator.  She recalls working on one book entitled “Breaking the Chains of DID” for Dr. Tom Hawkins. This endeavor alone took over two years to accomplish.  She has also had the opportunity to translate works for Father Émile Brière from Madonna House “Priests Need Priests”, and translation works on “Forgiveness “for Father Albert Lauer from Cincinnati, OH.

Since joining Clergy Support, Rev Gisèle has officiated over 250 marriages, baptized babies and celebrated funerals. She finds conducting Life Celebration ceremonies her favourite method to connect with people and wholly supports those who wish to celebrate their religious or spiritual ceremony in the manner they wish.


Gisèle is a person with the heart and passion to serve. All her life she has prayed for and with people.  She’s had many long discussions with those in need, including those she has married, about their fears, their problems and their anger. She’s given special attention to people who want to talk about their LGBTQ challenges.

While completing her Theology degrees, she explored the field of psychology. This interest has given her a better understanding on working with people, and an insight and understanding of emotions and the expression of feelings. Her main objective has always been to respect others, pray, listen and offer advice if warranted or if asked, but never force any of her own personal views onto others.

Rev Gisèle’s Closing words

“Being an Ordained pastor means being recognized for what I have being doing all my life and it speaks to my own personal growth as a woman. The work that I do is done from the heart and with much love.

In the future, I would like to organize Bible Study Groups and pray especially with victims of abuse. I have researched and worked on translation of works that delve in extreme abuse. I am forever educating myself on the complexities of trauma and to find new opportunities to help the most vulnerable.”