Rev Fidèle Kiala Buloki MTh, BTh, BA


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to affirm the Rev. Fidèle to the Office of Ordained Minister on December 10, 2021. Fidèle had been an ordained Roman Catholic priest since 1990, and is no stranger to the many facets of pastoral ministry including advocating for the poor and destitute in every country he has lived and worked. After leaving the priesthood and a period of searching, he has joined Clergy Support Memorial to open and broaden his ministry work allowing him to support everyone in need, regardless of faith tradition, gender preference and cultural background. He and his wife believe in a team approach as they share many passions for faith, ministry, and the life of service and devotion to God in serving humanity, creation, and one another.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate of the Canadian Ministers’ Institute, Ottawa – February 2022
  • Studies in Cinematography, School of Management, Salzburg, Austria – 2015-2016
  • Intercultural Competency, Interkulturelles Zentrum, Vienna, Austria – 2014-2015
  • Mediation and Life Coaching, European Institute for Conflict Resolution, Salzburg, Austria – 2010-2013
  • Studies in Law, Sorbonne University, Paris, France – 2003-2005
  • License/M.A. in Theology, University of Kinshasa, DRC – 1998
  • B.A. Theology, Pope John XXIII and St. Cyprian Institutes, Kinshasa/Kikwit, DRC – 1988
  • B.A. Philosophy, St. Augustine Institute, Kolanda, DRC – 1982

Awards and Memberships

  • Le Phénix-Ottawa Online Learning Academy – Founder, CEO & Instructor
  • Conseil Économique & Social d’Ottawa Carleton (CESOC) – Entrepreneurship Member
  • Atelier Mauril-Bélanger, Social Innovation Faculty – Saint Paul University, Ottawa
  • Cooperation Council of Ontario (Conseil de la Coopération de l’Ontario)
  • Étoile Notre Dame, Worldwide Pilgrimages – Paris, France
  • Groupe de Théologien-nes d’Afrique Sunsaharienne (GTAS) – Université de Montréal
  • AfricArt Social Club, Salzburg, Austria – Founder & CEO
  • Kolpinghaus Austria Seniorheim – Vienna, Austria
  • Cultures Francophones Salzburg – Austria

Pastoral Background

Originating from Central Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC formally Zaire), Fidèle was educated and ordained there as a Roman Catholic priest in 1990. As a priest he served in the DRC, Europe (Germany, Austria, France) and Canada, his entire life revolving around parish and community service, outreach, sacramental administration, visiting the sick in hospitals and homes, bringing the sacraments of the church to whose seeking them. His ability to learn languages has made him fluent in French (his mother tongue), English and German, including two West African languages, Lingala and Kikongo. However, Fidèle’s understanding of ministry goes beyond the traditional into the social, economic, and cultural well-being of the communities he lives in as evidenced in the many involvements and memberships noted above.

Study Groups

Rev. Fidèle is a dynamic and committed learner who believes strongly in education, personally and for the community. Among his many entrepreneurial and coaching/teaching activities, he is an active member of the group of researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa and Afro-descendants (GTAS), which meets a couple of times per month to continue their learning about modern multicultural and multireligious society.

Personal Growth

While living and studying in Canada, Fidèle counts himself fortunate to have finally found a companion, soulmate and wife with whom to share several passions, including a love for reading, which he exercises regularly.

He is currently a Ph.D Candidate in Theology/Biblical Studies at the Université de Montréal. As part of his doctoral research on the parable of the Good Samaritan, Fidèle has had the opportunity to follow a training course in the creation of social enterprises in Ottawa, and he feels it is an excellent way to give back to his new country, Canada. He and his wife are currently setting up their first enterprise which is an environment project based on the recovery of unsold agricultural products like banana, platain or avocado from Ottawa supermarkets, and turning them into low-cost consumable products. They have had quite a bit of sucess so far!


Fidèle admits to being crazy over soccer, watching and/or playing soccer since childhood. He finds that sport remains a privileged means of keeping one’s physical shape as well as forging social bonds.

He also keeps busy with cycling, swimming, and with playing guitar and singing.


Faith is a vital part of Rev. Fidèle’s life, and he believes that faith can be expressed within a church, outside a church, and also with or without belonging to a any specific religious denomination. Faith is a driving force that keeps the flame of hope alive. He has also discovered the importance of daily prayer, as well as the merits of meditation. He says, “Faith remains an unshakeable bulwark in my life as a believer, which allows me to hope against all hope, however severe the problem may be.”

Fidèle wishes to put his talents as a teacher and trainer at the service of his community, not only in the reading and interpretation of biblical text, but also in his entrepreneurial initiatives that are well underway in the building of a community of faith and service.