Rev Beverly King

Beverly King - 1003 - 600x600Ordination

Rev Beverly King was credentialled as an Appointed Designated Minister on May 21st, 2013. After five years of devout service as well as her service to her community, in November 2018 our Board recognized her achievements and raised her to the status of Ordained Minister with a special focus on Pastoral Care, especially, Bereavement Issues.

Academic Achievements

  • St. Michael’s College – Toronto School of Theology

Fostering Faith Life
Introduction to New Testament
Religious Development
Sexuality & Marriage

  • Diocese of London

Liturgy in a Formative Environment

  • Sisters of St. Joseph’s

Faith Development Program

  • The Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counsellors of America

Certification Lay Pastoral Counsellor

  • Diocese of Hamilton

Auditors – Marriage Tribunal
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Children’s Liturgy Program
Youth Ministry
Ministers of the Word
Youth in our Parish

  • Loyola Institute of Ministry – Loyola University, New Orleans

Introduction to Practical Theology
Jewish Roots of Christian Faith
Christian Origins: Intro to New Testament
Grace, Christ and Spirit
Church, Sacraments and Ministry

  • University of St. Michael’s College

Chaplaincy 1
Fostering the Faith Growth of Youth through Pastoral Care – 2003

Personal message on Theology

“I don’t feel we should be defined by certificates or awards, which are nice to receive but experience is the true teacher. Even with my extensive educational background, as a paid Parish Minister at two churches the pay was minimal. You do this job for the love of Ministry and your passion for people. I live my life, always asking “what would Jesus do?” without preaching it to others or wearing on my sleeve. This keeps me open to all regardless of race, religion, creed, youth or age. My life is ‘Ministry through my actions to others’.”


As a minister, I still actively worship. It is very important for me to do morning and evening prayers, especially to include families that I have ministered to. Before doing any funeral, wedding or baptism I pray that Christ will be with me, so I can do His work and touch the lives of the families and all present in the service.

I try and visit many churches and denominations. I find great spiritual growth in this.

I lead many prayer and funeral celebrations primarily out of funeral homes. Bay Gardens in Hamilton and Burlington, Dodsworth and Brown, Ancaster and Hamilton, Taylor Family Funeral Home, Dundas. Committal Services at White Chapel Cemetery Hamilton, Chapel Hill Cemetery Stoney Creek. I’ve been privileged to lead the Remembrance Day service and Candlelight service at White Chapel Memorial Gardens Hamilton.

I have performed weddings, baptized babies, adults and one full family. This is my true ministry and I am grateful to Clergy Support Memorial Church for giving me the wonderful opportunity of conducting Life Celebrations.


I have to say GOLF is at the top of my list. It is a time to spend quality time with my husband and my friends, enjoying nature, laughter and every once in a while, a “hole-in-one”. Knitting, just to keep my hands busy and passing it down to my granddaughter, and my husband and I love to travel and be active in our six grandchildren’s life.