Rev Steve Tulloch MTh, BA


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Stephen Tulloch to the Office of Ordained Minister – Youth and Adult Counselling Ministry on August 30, 2021. With 40 years of proven vocational pastoral ministry Steve is no stranger to the work of community building. With a particular focus on communicating and serving the youth of his community, Rev. Steve strives to be a presence of God in the life of others, but not only by speaking to children and youth, but also by modeling positive images and being a living example of a life of service to others.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate of the Canadian Ministers’ Institute – November 12, 2021
  • M.Th., New Testament Literature and Exegesis, Dallas Theological Seminary – 1986
  • B.A., Religious Studies, Laurentian University – 1983

Awards and Memberships

Steve has recently retired to Hilton Beach to live a more relaxed lifestyle with his wife of 42 years. We are sure that he will become involved in his new community as soon as possible. Some of his previous community membership involvements are:

  • Executive member of two Waterloo Neighbourhood Associations for 20 years
  • Member of several Waterloo committees for Community Arts and Culture
  • Member of Board of Directors of International Teams Canada
  • Board member of The Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support
  • Board Member of Welcome Home (Refugee Housing)
  • Board Member of Adventure for Change

Pastoral Care

Even after formal retirement from full time ministry, Rev. Steve has been generous with his time and continues to serve his communities. He makes himself available to children, youth and adults for conversation and support, especially with a focus on getting to know them to better understand them, and to show them a love of God that is beyond understanding. This type of support serve many who struggle with life’s transitions and challenges. Steve has and continues to be present for spiritual counseling and accompaniment. His ministry has evolved in an organic way over the years to reach those outside the margins of religion, creating a welcoming home or gathering place for a whole community of artist/activists (200-300 people over a decade), some who did not identify as Christian. Rev. Steve humbly says he has learned much from them and this experience. The ministry continues.

Study Groups

Although he is not currently involved in study groups in his new location, Steve has been approached by others, and is strongly considering, devoting time and energy to the creation and maintenance of growth and support group for people struggling with their more conservative evangelical faith with view to open new and different ways of experiencing grace and faith in a more hopeful and less fearful context and expression.


Steve continues to participate in formal communal worship, mostly online these days, from his previous evangelical faith tradition, his faith journey has brought him to the realization that he is called to worship God in the spirit of mission more so than in traditional congregant settings. Rev. Steve believes more firmly than ever that the gospel values of the Kingdom, or Reign, of God that Jesus taught in the sermon of the mount, are his guiding light and his impetus for worship. Steve considers he is worshipping God by going out there and ministering to God’s children and God’s creation in a more inclusive and holistic way.

Personal Growth

Rev. Steve finds himself blessed to be open to being surprised by God any and every time. He has been finding strength in many different media that help him see a different side of faith, new affirmations of his own life of faith, and the ability to discern where the Spirit is leading him. To this effect, Steve is aided by a myriad of books and, more recently, he is delving into the world of podcasts on various themes, religious and non-religious.


Being an avid sports fan, Steve has enjoyed all kinds of sports since his youth. For the past 20 years he played squash several times a week. But COVID restrictions (and his knees) have paused his playing time. He hopes to get involved with Pickleball and play both when restrictions are lifted. Rev. Steve continues to coach youth basketball and has been doing so for 20 years.

It wasn’t until his 50’s that he discovered an interest in Scotch tasting after a friend invited him to a Scotch tasting club. Since then, he enjoys learning about the art of fermenting, single malt or blended, and developing the patience to discover the different tastes of a bottle of good Scotch.