Rev Sarah Maynard


Rev Sarah Maynard holds the office of Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church. The Board agreed to her appointment on October 19th, 2020. Sarah is a fierce believer in community service, both professional and on her free time, as she has, and continues to volunteer in many organizations working for social justice and development, service to the vulnerable in her community, education, counselling, etc. Sarah has many years of experience in human services and, evidently, her work is intrinsically tied to her community ministry, which seems to seek out and find her rather organically. Sarah fits nicely in the CSMC model of going where the people are and ministering to them there, working, loving, advocating and serving those less fortunate. She is a blessing in many people’s lives.

Academic Credentials and Professional Memberships

  •         Graduate Canadian Ministers Institute, Nov 2020
  • Social Service Worker Diploma, with Distinction
  •         Social Development Council, (former) Board Member
  •         Child Care, Housing and Ontario Works (CCHOW) Innovation Committee


  •         For contributions to the success of Special Needs Students, St. Lawrence College
  •         President’s List for significant contributions to student life, St. Lawrence College
  •         Victim Services Volunteer Recognition


Growing up Roman Catholic, Sarah and her children attended Catholic school and attended church regularly. As Sarah matured spiritually, she found a wide variety of spiritual dimensions, and religious beliefs she was not aware of before. She attributes this epiphany of sorts to the many conversations she has with her clients at work who have become her teachers of the many different faith traditions. Sarah is a spiritual sponge that absorbs the richness of spiritual diversity, which provokes a renewed energy in her work and ministry.

Giving back

Rev Sarah is an active and strong voice in her community, especially when it comes to social issues. Stemming from her career as a social worker, she sees the need in varied places, and she is not shy to get her feet wet and her hands dirty to do what she can to alleviate as much need as she can. Sarah’s involvement in her community spans for decades. Some of the areas she gives back are as Program Facilitator for World Fest Youth Day, Spelling Bee of Canada Coach, Director of Children/Adult Theatre (Cornwall), Action Team Coordinator (Glengarry Inclusion Project), Member of the Employability Network (Social Development Council, Victim Services Responder (Victim Services of S.D.G. & A.), and as a Board Member of the Social Development Council.


Sarah loves animals, making it her mission to look after the less fortunate of our four-legged friends, even taking in a stray cat! A little known fact is that Sarah is also an accomplished writer. She truly loves writing, and that hobby enabled her to publish her own book to help people cope with the loss of a pet. Her book has sold copies in Europe and Australia as well as Ontario. Gardening is another of Sarah’s hobbies. She loves stopping to smell the flowers, but she enjoys planting them and making them beautiful too!

In her own words

“I am passionate about many things, and I have been fortunate to do so many wonderful things in my life. I give my heart and soul to things I care about. I always look forward to new and interesting things that life has to offer.”