Rev Rock Aitchison BA, BEd


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Rock Aitchison to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Youth and Sport Ministry on April 26, 2022. We welcome Rev. Rock’s dedication and commitment of service to community ministry. Rev Rock is a lifelong learner and is keen to meet people and pursue new challenges. 

Academic Credentials

  • Canadian Ministers Institute, 2022
  • Funeral Celebrant, InSight Institute, 2019
  • Special Needs Specialist, Brock University, 2001
  • Physical Education Specialist, Brock University, 1990
  • Bachelor of Education, University of Western Ontario, 1988
  • Bachelor of Arts, Wilfred Laurier, 1984

Making a difference

Rev Rock helps to support his community by providing wedding, baptism and funeral ceremonies. His calm demeanor and public speaking skills make him a natural for his role as a Designated Minister. Rock is empathetic, supportive and creative. He enjoys creating videos for family and friends, and has done life story videos for weddings, retirements and funerals.    

His background and volunteer work has always revolved around youth and sport activities, where he takes on the challenge of promoting new programs and the leadership of existing programs for youth. In many ways he goes over and above the average coach/counselling role requested of him.

Some of his specialized training skills have enabled him to qualify as an Ontario Wheelchair Basketball Referee, and the honour of participating as an Assistant Basketball Coach for the Hong Kong Men’s National team in the 1998 Asian Games in Thailand. One of his most favourite memories was to be asked to be the Flag Bearer for the Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies for the 2017 Provincial Championships.

Spiritual Dimensions

In 1994, Rock says he had a ‘God given moment’ when he decided he know what he wanted to do in life.  He coined an acronym – IMPACT – Improving Measurably People’s Attitudes Concerning Themselves, which became a guiding belief as it shaped his thinking and choices. He had the desire to create esteem-building opportunities for people in his day-to-day activities. He learned to ‘catch people being good’ and reward their achievements.

The book, “Son-Rise” by Barry Neil Kaufman taught him to meet people in their world before introducing them to his. He found this philosophy dovetailed perfectly with one of Stephen Cove’s influential “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” – Seek First To Understand, Then Be Understood. Following these principals has allowed him to enjoy and celebrate the best of people, family, and friends, while preparing him to handle some of the toughest emotional and mental challenges of this life.

Personal Growth

Rev Rock is an advocate of learning, either improving himself or helping to improve others. He has been introduced to several books on mindfulness and meditation as a daily living process. He receives weekly informational emails from Seph Penncock of with useful PDFs on Resilience Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Self Worth Journaling, etc.

An Ah-ha moment

Rev Rock became a grandfather for the first time in September 2021. He described the blessed event as; “Life altering, humbling and amazing! Watching my son’s devotion to his new daughter was a moment for me, and I realized no matter the challenges life sends your way, good parenting is one of the most rewarding goals in life .”