Rev Joshua Fairweather


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Joshua Fairweather to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Bereavement Ministry on August 25, 2020.  Joshua is passionate about sharing his resources helping others, and he blends this calling to service with his professional life. As a business owner and professional clothier, Joshua saw the need for, and had the means to develop a program to allow people to obtain business clothing and help improve their chances of getting jobs and educational opportunities. He also is drawn to be with others at difficult times in their lives and uses his innate abilities as a listener to walk along with those in need. Joshua believes in a never-ending learning path, but not just for his own benefit, but for the benefit of all others he encounters.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate Certificate, Canadian Ministers’ Institute – November 2020

Pastoral Care

Rev. Joshua is naturally able to go where the need is and he utilizes his skills and abilities to meet the need. As the former coordinator of ‘ClothingWorks’ with Goodwill industries, he recognized that many people could not afford business attire. So he gathered volunteers and led them to work with the public   to provide access to clothing and help them with “dressing for success” in job seeking, and other enterprises.

Another area of care specific to his Ministry is Funerals and Celebrations of life, to which he was personally called to join the team to conduct funeral services at an established London Funeral Home.

Recently, Joshua has been in training in the art of Tai Chi with a particular focus in helping cancer patients at the Wellsprings Centre, which is a not-for-profit organization with a unique approach to cancer care by working closely with cancer patients, family members, and care givers.

Joshua is also learning the practice of ‘Empathy Walks’ to assist him in his ministry of journeying with others. ‘Empathy Walks’ is a form of counselling ‘on the move’, where you and another person walk and talk together, sharing thoughts and feelings.    

Study Groups

While currently the opportunity for study groups has not arisen, Rev. Joshua has in the past participated in and facilitated several study groups, especially dealing with religious themes. Joshua was tasked with facilitating such groups for parents with young children, and making special accommodations to ensure everyone one in the family could benefit from the study groups.

Worship and Spiritual Direction

Throughout his 25 years of active service in the Impact Church, Rev. Joshua helped to lead worship in music ministry, and praise and worship teams.  He experienced many people’s life transformations as well as his own growth and development. Recently Joshua was inspired by the book, The Sin of Certainty, where he came to understand the paramount importance of trusting God over having the “correct belief”.  This encouraged Joshua to go further is his journey to engage God and people in finding personal meaning, purpose and fulfillment.


An avid outdoorsman, Joshua loves all aspects of being out in nature, from camping to everything that involves being outside. Rev. Joshua has even delved into the fine art of bushcraft. He feels blessed to be able to share this passion with his children.

Joshua is also drawn to the arts. Lately, he has taken up playing the Native Flute, and he finds this instrument’s voice and ability to “tell a story”, coupled with its warmth and calming sound.

Another of his artistic endeavours is Chinese Paper Cut, which is the process of taking away all negative matter from an image to leave behind its true nature.

Personal Epilogue

“I am someone who believes in continuous growth and learning, in all areas of my life. I would like you to know that I care deeply about my impact on the world and the people around me. I want to make a difference, I hope to inspire others, and I seek to serve others in a way that is helpful and meaningful, especially in their most vulnerable times.”