Rev John Carr


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement in certifying the Rev. John Carr to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister. His many years as a Lay Minister, coupled with his committed community involvement and volunteering, have prepared Rev. John to continue being a beacon in his community, serving those in need without being approached. John looks around for people and places he can impact with his service and ministry.

Degrees and Certificates

  • 2022 Canadian Ministers’ Institute
  • 1995-2022 Professional Development courses and certificates (29 total)
  • 1989 University of Waterloo, Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons. Geography)


Like many people, John was raised with church being an integral part of his life, but at some point, he drifted away for some time. After being married in the same church he was baptised, he heard, again, the calling to service. He decided to answer that calling within the same faith community, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Lindsay, ON. John regularly attends Sunday services at St. Andrew’s and as a Lay Minister is also involved in many other aspects of his church community. He is currently the co-chair of the Living Christmas Tree committee and a member of the personnel committee. He also shares responsibilities for the Children’s Story program, which offers 5-minute lessons for the young people in the congregation. His love for music also moved him to be an active member of the Sunday morning worship team.

A Message from Rev. John 

The past two years have been difficult for everyone. I have really tried to stay positive and to convey that positivity to my friends and family. The words we use are important. The messages that we send to each other are important. We can build each other up or we can tear each other down. The world seems to thrive on negativity. Every day I try to choose positivity, with a little help from the most positive person in my world, my wife.