Rev Constance Giroux

Constance Giroux


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev Constance Giroux to the office of Appointed Designated Minister on April 29, 2019. In this role she is the minister of a house church. In addition, she has served in Spiritual Direction Ministry since 1997 and a key factor of the Boards decision was her sincere desire to help all to be their best and find an unconditional acceptance to all God puts in their path.

Spiritual Direction Ministry

She has served in Spiritual Direction Ministry since 1997. Rev Constance has always enjoyed being an empathic and spiritual guide, encouraging others to be their best by embracing, engaging and enjoying the life they have been gifted. She embraces a genuine, authentic lifestyle of positive regard and unconditional acceptance. Life is to be lived full of joy and abundantly, bringing God’s love into daily life.

Pastor of a house church – Worship

The 13th Street Outreach Fellowship She offers straight talk sermons, healing workshops, and teachings of mindfulness and spiritual discovery regularly at her house church.

HER Thoughts on theology

“I walk among and provide genuine, authentic, unconditional acceptance to all and to that which God gives us. I believe in healthy relationship. The gift of life is all about relationship. The past 20 some years have been spent opening wide the gates to all who seek a relationship with God and beyond. I have met each person where they are at in their own experiences. It is my desire to help all to be their best selves and teach them to accept and help others be their best self. I fearlessly involve myself. I am an all-in kind of gal. Forgiveness is the key.”


Constance enjoys anything to do with nature; walking hiking cycling, bonfires, kites, beaches and gardening. She values her relationships with her two adult daughters, their husbands, and the newest adventure of being “Majah” to her two-year-old granddaughter. Samson, Dixie Rose, Trixie, and Chester are her animal kingdom.

Constance is all for social justice and lives herself by the golden rules.