Rev Sally Pritchard BA


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev Sally Pritchard to the office of Appointed Designated Minister – Counselling and Pastoral Care on November 12th, 2020. Sally’s extensive experience and skills in counselling give her the platform for her ministry. She is familiar with providing guidance, direction, solutions for problem behaviours, and the importance of making a positive connection with her clients. Sally understands the workings of the human mind, thought and behaviour. Sally’s efforts, both professionally and personally, focus on empathy, respect, and dignity regardless of their past and current challenges. All these elements are also an integral part of the mission of Clergy Support Memorial Church.

Academic Credentials and Professional Memberships

  • Graduate of the Canadian Ministers Institute, December 2020
  • Bachelor of Arts (Sociology/Psychology) – York University
  • Teaching and Training Adults Certificate – Durham College
  • Past Member of Ministry’s OTIS Advisory Committee, and OTIS Alerts Rationalization Committee
  • Past Member of the Speaker’s Bureau, Ministry of the Solicitor General


  • Exemplary Service Medal, awarded by the Governor General of Canada
  • Certificate of Excellence, Bronze Level – Public Sector Quality Fair 2006
  • Exemplary Corrections Service Medal


The Rev. Sally finds spirituality in fellowship. She knows that the only way to genuinely enter into relationship with the divine is to genuinely enter into relationship with others around her. Engaging with others with honesty, respect, giving dignity to the other, are the ways to communicate, make connections and build meaningful relationships that are beneficial to her and the people she encounters. It’s through these relationships, and the resulting rewarding growth and personal development, along with an attuned love for created nature, that fill Rev. Sally with a sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Giving back

Rev. Sally cares for her community in a personal way. She feels blessed by the connections she has built with her neighbours, friends and family, and she seeks them out, sometimes to just check in on them to make sure they are doing well, to lend her ear and support, and to provide a sense of community, safety and belonging.

Beyond her immediate family group, Sally is always looking to see where she can help in her community. Recently, she has put her sewing skills to good use by making and donating face masks for her local men’s shelter. Rev. Sally also collects books for a local seniors’ centre, and continues to fervently assist with fundraising for the Regent Park School of Music Foundation.


Since COVID rules have been in play, Sally has been spending a great deal of time in the kitchen, baking and perfecting all kinds of breads and desserts. Can you imagine how wonderful her house smells! Of course, Sally could not get away without sharing the fruits of her labours with her community of neighbours, family and friends.

Rev. Sally also enjoys expressing her creativity in home decorating, trying out new trends with colours for walls, furniture and fabrics.

Sally loves to garden. She finds there is something wonderful about planting tiny seeds, watching the miracle of their growth and enjoying the gifts of nature at the end of each gardening season.