Rev Jana Miller BA, BEd, MDiv


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Jana Miller to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Teaching Ministry on November 29, 2021. Throughout her academic career, practicum placements, and community involvement Rev. Jana is always focused on service to others in her communities. Jana comes across as genuine, thoughtful, and kind humanitarian, with a firm belief that we are all connected in creation, sharing the Spirit of God within us all. She has chosen to minister in that light to everyone she meets, in her community relationships as well as in her teaching career.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate of the Canadian Ministers’ Institute, March 2022
  • Master of Divinity, Queen’s University – Kingston ON, 2014
  • Bachelor or Education (Arts in Education) Queen’s University – Kingston ON, 2020
  • Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Studies, Religious Studies) Mount Allison University – Sackville NB, 2009

Awards and Memberships

  • George A. & Elizabeth Brown Scholarship – Queen’s University School of Religion
  • Mount Allison University Entrance Scholarship
  • Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship
  • Canada Cord (Girl Guides of Canada) presented by the Lt. Governor of New Brunswick
  • Planning Advisory Committee Member, Town of Gananoque
  • Board Member of the Gananoque Public Library, Town of Gananoque

Pastoral care

Rev. Jana has provided chaplaincy services in various facilities, hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes. She counts herself blessed to be able to minister to her community. Jana views the world with compassion and is always trying to spread joy, hope and optimism.


Rev. Jana finds comfort spending time outside in nature. She also enjoys listening to and playing worship songs that she knows, spending time in prayer to give thanks to God for the life she and her family have been given. Jana practices gratitude towards the divine.


Rev. Jana is a firm believer in a God who is an entity larger than a person and whose spirit is within all living things. Her/His Spirit is with us and all around us and the Creator can be found in all the writings of diverse groups, denominations, and religions.

When called upon Rev Jana has lead worship services with the United Church of Canada (Wolfe Island United, Princess Street United, Perth Road United, Grace United), as well as Christ Anglican Church and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Gananoque where she provided pulpit suppy. At each of these Christian denominations she has found herself welcomed and comfortably at home with the congregations in these communities.

Currently she attends Ukulele Church, which holds an online meeting once a week facilitated through the United Church of Canada.

Personal Growth

Rev. Jana continues to work on other qualifications related to teaching and guidence. As examples, she’s sucessfully completed an Outdoor Experiential Education course, a Guidance and Career course and is finishing a course in Special Education. As an accomplished musician on the piano, accordion, and music theory, she is also learning to play the Ukulele through classes offered at the Ukulele Church. Rev. Jana is an avid reader, and she finds she learns and grown from her reading the eclectic literary genres she enjoys.


Yoga. Jana takes 20-30 minutes in the morning to stretch and center before the daily routines get under way.

Reading. This is how Rev. Jana unwinds at the end of the day. She also finds reading as a means to relax when she has a few minutes throughout the day.

Music. She uses her musical talents to the service of others, more recently at the Ukulele Church where she plays her Ukulele a lot. She also plays the piano and the accordion.