John Crocker


Rev. John was ordained with Clergy Support Memorial Church on December 3, 2020, after serving 11 years as a Designated Minister. The Church Board was in full agreement to ordain John in recognition of his many years of service, and pastoral care at his church, including hospital visits, homes for the aged. John has always been very actively involved in his community of Parry Sound, and he is also well experienced in life celebrations. He is high demand, not only for weddings and funerals, but also for his pastoral presence, as well as his pulpit gifts and skills.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 1st Prize in “Parry Sound Bloom” garden contest, Town of Parry Sound, August 2020.
  • Recognized with thanks by the Downtown Business Association for improving the aesthetics of the downtown through contests and promotions.


From his commitment to his church and community, and his many years of service, John has been on a journey of discovering and hearing his calling. After years of discernment, he decided to train as a lay preacher, resulting in his being in demand for pulpit supply at several churches in his area. Rev. John is also an Elder at St. Andrews Presbyterian in Parry Sound.


After a long career in pharmacy and as a business owner, John has maintained his spirit of service to his local community and the church at large. As an Outreach Minister, he regularly seeks out community for his personal growth and Christian maturity, as well as putting his spirituality into practice by ministering to the elderly, the sick, and the lonely. John is also an active member of his church’s Pastoral Care Committee.


John is an avid gardener and loves to contemplate the beauty of creation by sharing it with others. He is also a lover of music, which he enjoys by singing in his church’s Praise Team every Sunday as well as the St. Andrews Quartet, and the adult choir.