Rev Jonathan Nantias, MDiv

Nantais, Jonathan for email signatureOrdination

Jonathan joined Clergy Support Memorial Church as an Ordained Minister on January 30, 2020. Our board recognized his experience and background along with his strong visionary and nurturing skills. His love for ministry began in 2001 when he served as a Youth Minister and Music Minister. From here he followed an active period of church planting and traveling nationally and internationally with his team preaching the gospel. Today his current position in 2020 is Lead Pastor of the Freedom Church in Windsor, ON.

Academic certificates

  • Graduate Certificate – Canadian Ministers Institute (2020)
  • Master of Divinity (2021) Ecumenical Theological Seminary (Detroit, MI)
  • World Harvest Bible College (2008)


Rev Jonathan leads a team of six people, serving the non-churched and churched, helping those who seek to increase their knowledge of God and practice their faith. His newly formed church, Freedom Church in Windsor, ON offers respite for an LGBTQ2+ community.

Everyone is welcome, and his growing congregation of 20-30 people is encouraged to listen or share together each Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Pastoral Care

Each month Jonathan makes time to visit people who are sick, shut-in or in hospital. The need is even greater now since the onset of COVID-19.

After work, he often meets with members of the community to help them establish person centered goals and objectives in their lives. Committing to following up to review their progress is also an important task.

Jonathan works full time as a Manager of Supports for the Community Living Essex County. This municipal organization serves those who have intellectual disabilities both within the adult and children’s sector. This position has given him great opportunities within this agency to develop policies, sit on internal committees and work with external agencies across the sector to improve pastoral care in the community.


Hobbies include reading, listening to and playing music and ministry. Although Jonathan understands ministry as a vocation, ministry is something he greatly enjoys and is passionate about.

He is quite musically inclined having grown up in a musical family and plays a variety of instruments. His favourite genre would be blue grass or county, however he is very fond of black gospel music.

Jonathan prefers books that are educational or informative in nature and admits that he is not a fan of fictitious literature, but his favourite television show to watch has to be ‘Star Trek Voyager’.