Rev David Giffen MDiv, BTh


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement in certifying the Rev David Giffen to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Counselling, on February 13, 2020. As a believer in community service and many years of pastoral leadership, David has worked hard to bring the importance of the community to the fore of his ministry. He has also successfully incorporated social media strategies to bring ministry to others. David is an energetic minister who works to empower others in ministry, as well as in life.

Academic Credentials

  • Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care, (2020), Canadian Ministers Institute
  • Foundations of Professional Coaching (2019), Adler Graduate Professional School
  • Master of Divinity (2008) Huron University College (London, ON)
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (2007) C.A.P.P.E. (London, ON)
  • Bachelor of Theology (2006) Western University (London, ON)


David has served his community as a Lead Pastor since 2010. As a pastor in organized religion, he served in several key institutional appointments while serving his community at the grassroots level, as well as being instrumental in utilizing social media to be able to reach a wide variety of his congregation and beyond.

While having been baptized Catholic, and later ordained a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, David now embraces and sees himself as an Outreach Minister, seeking out those who have a need. Rev David personally attends worship two to three times a month in a variety of traditions.

Pastoral Care

Rev David had been a chaplain at his local health centre, and now he helps and supports young community leaders, founding the 403 Leadership Collective in 2019, giving its clients an opportunity for improvement and change.

David holds a monthly men’s bible study, focusing on men patterning their lives on gospel teachings and values.

David continues to serve his community with counselling and coaching. He is also a prolific blogger and uses his blogging skills to minister to his many followers with engaging and uplifting content in his blogs. David tackles topics from mental health, to sports psychology, politics, and religion.

He has officiated weddings for almost 100 couples, over 200 funerals, and has baptized many more into the Christian faith. David makes himself available and can also be counted on for personal and religious support regardless of religious or faith traditions.


David has played golf from a very early age, and he feels connected to his Scottish roots when he plays. This game is also dear to his heart because it was his grandfather in Scotland who taught him how to play.

He has also played and coached football, and he continues to enjoy getting the neighbourhood kids, along with his son, and playing some ball.