Rev Robin Woollard


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev Robin Woollard to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Life Celebrations and Counselling on June 24, 2010.  Upon retirement of his duties from the historic Ratho Presbyterian Church, we were privileged to have Rev Woollard continue his ministry services, focusing on Life Celebrations and counselling.

Ministerial Experience

Rev Robin continues to be available and supportive to the communities he serves. A humourous, engaging and lively speaker, his services are known to be well attended. He considers himself a non-conformist minister peaching on the value and relevance of faith today.

A short list of his past and present ministerial activities;

  • Pastor at Ratho Presbyterian Church from 2007 – 2010
  • Pulpit supply at the local United Churches in Etonia and Princeton in 2015-16
  • Church services at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital for long term re-hab patients
  • Church services and communion at Senior’s residences
  • Bereavement counselling, services and Interment at Ingersoll, Mount Pleasant, Oakville and Streetsville
  • Funerals with empathy for the bereaved
  • Weddings with emphasis on a solid foundation
  • Baptisms and Naming ceremonies that make a family occasion an opportunity to renew faith

Community Contributions

Robin leads an active life and enjoys a variety of interests. Many of his interests have allowed him to give back to his community. We recognize his contributions over the years to many important causes;

  • Foster parent to four foster children 2001 –2006
  • Chief Soccer Coach 4 years and Chief Referee 3 years
  • Team Leader for St’ Jude’s outreach team at Kerr Street Mission providing 300 dinners/month
  • Regular hospital visits to elderly people who are perhaps sick or shut-in
  • Member of “Illustrating the Bible” Theatre group
  • Given seminars on “Food Service on Outreach”, “Faith Today”, and “How to read scripture.”

Honours and Awards

  • Freeman of City of London
  • Veteran Honourable Artillery Company, London, England

Academic Achievements

  • Reading University (UK) Food Technology
  • Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery
  • Diploma in Lay Ministry at Wycliffe College, Toronto, ON

Important Reading and teachings

Reading and learning are very important to Rev Robin. His list of books is impressive, focusing on evolution and biblical history; Homo sapiens – Yuval Hariri, Exploring Great Civilizations – Patricia S. Daniels, Did Giants Roam the Earth? – Brian Godawa, The Light of the Past – C.M. Bower et al, Alpha – By Nicky Gumbel, Ingersoll Presbyterian Christianity 101 – Canon Harold Percy, Ingersoll Baptist Church.


The top of Robin’s list is gardening and taking the time to get out and appreciate the great outdoors. For those evenings where there are no commitments, he loves to prepare cooking surprises for his wife, treating her with “new” and tasty dishes!  He admits to being an armchair enthusiast when it comes to skiing and soccer. No longer playing these sports, but he enjoys watching with interest. Reading of course, should not be forgotten.

Closing Words from the Rev Robin

“It is a privilege to meet and empathize with new people as they plan their important and special occasions. My credo is taken from St. Matthew’s Gospel, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.””