Rev Susan Peacock-Hacking (M.N.H.Sc.)

Susan Peacock-Hacking - 3374 - 600x600Credentials

Our Board recommended Dr Susan be made an Appointed Designated Minister with the Church on October 30th, 2018. She comes to us with a strong faith background, in her community, as a registered Homeopathic Doctor.

Academic Achievements

  • Master of Natural Health Sciences Diploma (M.N.H.Sc.) (International Academy of Natural Health Sciences, Ottawa)
  • Homeopathic Practitioner (C.H.P.)
  • Bachelor of Natural Health Sciences Diploma (B.N.H.Sc.) (International Academy of Natural Health Sciences, Ottawa)
  • Natural Health Counsellor Diploma (N.H.C.) (Canadian College of Natural Healing, Ottawa)
  • Training in Oxygen Infusion, Electroporation, and Advanced Mesotherapy Techniques for Tissue Health and Rejuvenation, by Dr. Liliana Dutka. (Formula Life Incorporated, Toronto)
  • Honours Certificate in Small Business Management (Algonquin College, Ottawa)
  • Attestation Certificate of Completion of Five Months Intensive French Language Education (Universite de Potiers, Royan, France)
  • Completion of Second Year of the Recreology Honours Degree Program (University of Ottawa)
  • Diploma in Recreation Facilities Management (Algonquin College, Ottawa)


  • Bursary Prize Winner and Recipient of the Dr. Bernard Jensen Award in “Excellence in Natural Health Sciences” Education
  • Recipient of the Royal Life Saving Society Canada

Spiritual Care

Since 1994, Susan has devoted most of her life to the physical and spiritual healing of others. She has not only provided personalized health care, therapy or consultation to each person who has came to her for help, but she has also provided educational instruction at colleges, and has spoken at interested not-for-profit organizations and private groups.

Service to First Nations

Prior to obtaining her Masters of Natural Heath Sciences, Susan spent time working with and setting up community programs and funding for First Nations communities in Iqaluit, Nunavut and at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre in Ottawa. These life experiences gave her direction to support the needs of others and an amazing insight to our cultural heritage. She’s still able to speak some Ojibwa and Inuktitut!


Susan has a young and energetic outlook on life. She and her husband are patrons of the Arts and have been donors to the Opera Lyra and Ballet Jorgen for many years. She’s an avid international keelboat racer and Scottish Country and Modern Square dancer. Susan also enjoys photography, travel and is well known amongst her friends for her gourmet cooking.

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