Rev Susan Churchill

Susan Churchill - 3321 - 600x600Appointment

Susan joined our Church and was accepted as a Appointed Designated Minister of Life Celebrations (Marriage, Baptisms, and Bereavement Care) on August 21st, 2018. Her Appointment comes after thirty-four years of active contribution to the health and wellness of her community in other ways. Joining Clergy Support Memorial Church’s ministry gave her a way to return to her earlier teachings and offer her time conducting Life Celebrations.

Susan previously spent many years with the Baha’i Faith, and she was licenced to solemnize marriages and other life events for that denomination. This has given her a solid background and understanding of the sacred need to respect, honour and support each encounter with the people she meets. The Baha’i central teachings of the: ‘Oneness of God, Oneness of Religion and Oneness of Humanity’, has taught her to be accepting of all faiths, cultures and beliefs.

Pastoral Care

She has a caring, loving spirit and has experience in rites of passage that often leads to more opportunities of outreach (performing marriages, and more recently provided blessings and end of life services for family and friends).


Susan enjoys gardening, writing, painting and reading in her leisure time. She values and appreciates any time spent with family and friends.

Three Words Friends Use to Describe Susan: Gentle, loving and supportive.


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