Rev Peter Olsen (BRE) Extended Bio

peter olsen - 2835 - 600x600Ordination

Rev Peter is certainly qualified to be Ordained with Clergy Support Memorial Church according to their Standards of Ministry. Passed at a Board meeting August 1st, 2018.

Present Ministry

On a personal level, my wife and I host a group of 25+ people semi-monthly in our home and we call this our house church. We meet together, eat together and share our lives together trying to build community. We also study together. We study various video series put out by teachers like Pete Enns, Rob Bell, Richard Rohr and others. I am also involved in speaking engagements and have developed a deep curiosity for Biblical context and historical understanding.

We have baptized/dedicated children in our home and continue to meet with, support and be supported by our little community in deep, meaningful and practical ways.

Over the past 19 years we have opened out home to young people who need a safe environment and that has been amazing. And we truly love our little house church community of misfits, believers and non believers, broken and hurting people. They are a real gift.

In addition, I am currently employed by MCC Ontario (Mennonite Central Committee) in Kitchener as:

  1. Coordinator of their TOOLS Program (Toronto Ontario Opportunity for Learning and Service) teaching and exposing groups to poverty education and service opportunities on the streets of Toronto
  2. Program Associate with the Circle of Friends Program gathering volunteers together around formerly homeless individuals and tracking together for one year providing support and a sense of belonging.

Ministry History

Throughout my years as a pastor, I was involved in, and will continue in, counselling, crisis management and program development as well as creative curriculum writing. He was also involved in organizing and leading mission trips both locally and internationally to places like Toronto, New York, Nicaragua and Guatemala, Equador and Kenya. As well, during that time, I sat on the Board of Directors for a ministry centre in Nicaragua called The Skylark Centre run by Threefold Ministries here in Canada.

I am experienced in Pastoral Care and Worship, having performed marriages, marriage counselling, funerals and baptisms during that time. In 2013 it was time for a change and I began my work with MCC in poverty education and support.


Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE), Emmanuel Bible College

Since graduating from Emmanuel Bible College in 2004, I have worked in several churches as pastor of children, youth, young adults and parents. I found this work both enjoyable and demanding. The last church I worked in was large (1000+) and I worked with a team of 4 young directors in the different areas of family ministry.

Giving Back

Speaking events at conferences, churches, gatherings and camps for youth.

I presently volunteer with the MENS STRIDE program here in Kitchener working with men just out of prison involved in monthly activities and this year the development of a community garden at their facility.

As my wife and I gently stepped away from organized religious gatherings, we began to look for ways to affect lives.

We’ve been able to use our traditional “tithe” to put a young man through medical studies in Kenya and support the studies of a family in Nicaragua as well.

We also rescue dogs (we have 4 in the house right now) and rescue youth.

I am interested in becoming ordained with you to continue this journey of more organic faith. I’m not exactly sure where this might lead and that is good. I am hoping that this might open new doors and opportunities, perhaps legitimize certain things in people’s eyes and allow me to continue to pursue my heart and serve others.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be ordained with Clergy Support Memorial Church.

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