Rev Katherine Thomson


Rev. Katherine joined Clergy Support Memorial Church as an Appointed Designated Minister – Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care on October 11, 2012, and she has been ministering to her community wherever and whenever she is needed. Katherine is passionate about helping others, especially those going through personal crisis. Children, youth, or adults, she is always there and ready to provide support and guidance. She has been a dependable and steady support for CSMC over the years.   

Pastoral Care

Katherine has always had a place in her heart for children. Volunteering comes easy when it involves teaching and coaching various Canadian sports like Ice skating, Ball Hockey, Soft Ball and Ringette. She has held several positions on the Board of Directors of her local children’s Minor Hockey Association and was the former Treasurer for the local Minor Ball Hockey organization. She also enjoyed teaching how to sew ribbon shirts and jingle dresses. Rev Katherine feels honoured to have baptised a number of babies and toddlers.

Rev Katherine has spent many hours with people who were terminally ill or at the end of life, assisting them in focusing on their final journey, and to come to terms with the end of their lives. She feels privileged to be able to accompany people at their most vulnerable times. She also finds that focusing on forgiveness is of much help to unburden the spirits of the dying person.

Another portion of her time was volunteering with her local Victim Crisis Service. This program assists the police and other emergency services in meeting the needs of victims of crime, abuse, or other tragic circumstances.

Personal Growth

Along with her Canadian Ministers Institute training as a Designated Minister, a requirement of volunteering for the Victim Crisis Service involved Rev. Katherine taking courses that have helped her awareness and ability to serve her community in a number of ways, not just the difficult circumstances. Some of those courses are:

  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies
  • Funerals and Celebrations of Life
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Acting on What We Know, Preventing First Nations Youth Suicide
  • Seeing the Light – Suicide Survivors
  • Supporting Children Survivors of Suicide
  • Several workshops on visiting terminally ill patients and their final psycho-spiritual needs


Katherine loves to sew quilts and doll clothes for her grandchildren. She also loves photography, horseback riding and motorcycling. She has seen much of Canada on the back of her bike. 

In Her Own Words

“My religious beliefs are very strong. I believe in the Heavenly Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ. I feel our beliefs are our own, thoughts and prayers help us get through the tough times in our lives, and the blessings in the good times. It is not up to us to judge people; they will answer to the higher being when their time comes.”