Rev Jeff Simpson

Jeffery Simpson - 2775 - 600x600Credentials

Jeffery is an Appointed Designated Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church (as of November 11th, 2017).


Rev. Jeffery is the pastor of a house church that meets Sundays for worship (with 20+ congregants) and weekly Bible Study Conversations through the week. He has, on many occasions, offered counseling to married couples, including on the topic of the growing pains of their children.

Academic Achievements

  • Harvard Divinity School EdX Certificate in “Religion Conflict and Peace”, Also, “Religious Literacy; Traditions and Scripture”.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) EdX Certificate in “Introduction To Public Speaking” and “Public Speaking. Inducted to the Honor Society,


Three Words People Use to Describe Rev. Jeff: An outgoing, knowledge seeking bookworm.

Pastoral Care

Jeff enjoys volunteering his time to several local charities in Windsor that include:

  •  Maryvale Adolescent & Family Services


  • Windsor Central Little League Baseball
  • Windsor Valiants basketball
  • Board Member at Windsor Printmakers Forum

Personal Growth

Jeff is registered at the University of Windsor and, starting in September, he will be attaining his Bachelors in Philosophy.

Important Reading this Year

  • The Devils Delusion by Dr. David Berlinski
  • Science and Theology by John Polkinghorne