Rev Donna McCue


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was in full agreement to certify the Rev. Donna McCue to the Office of Appointed Designated Minister – Life Celebrations and Pastoral Care on February 25, 2021. After a long and fulfilling career as a public servant, Donna is excited to continue serving others in a more humanistic way, separated from the limitations of bureaucracy. Rev. Donna is a spiritual person who sees depth in the world around her as a symbiotic blessing for all of us. She feels privileged to be able to answer this calling as she has more time now that she is retired from public service, as caring for others has always been an integral part of Donna’s life.

Academic Credentials

  • Graduate Certificate – Canadian Ministers Institute, March 2021
  • Office Administration Diploma – College of the North Atlantic (Labrador College), 1994


Donna is a humanist who believes that nature and the world around us is a true manifestation of the divine at work. She knows that something as seemingly simple as a sunrise, the waving waters of a lake, river or ocean, a forest, are a part of and a reflection of our inherit nature as part of something bigger than us as individuals. Rev. Donna knows and respects the greatness of the mystery that ought to remain unnamed sometimes.

Giving back

Throughout her life Donna has never shied away from answering whenever she sees someone in need, though she would much rather remain in the background and not taking away the focus from those in need. She has helped out in the past at the local foodbank, Christmas food and toy drives, as well as contributing financially to several charities.


Donna has recently found the art of stained glass, and she is very excited about learning the techniques and skills to produce her own pieces and express herself through that medium.
Not surprisingly, Rev. Donna is also an avid reader, which has created an interest in writing. She has written several short stories and, even though she is not a published author yet, we can expect more writings from her as she embarks on her new ministry.

How do others describe her?

In three words: calm, organized, and friendly.