Rev Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby


Rev Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby holds the rank of Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Memorial Church, and this decree was bestowed to her on March 26, 2021. Her growing ministry reflects her previous appointment as Designated Minister on May 25, 2015 and her appointment as Spiritual Director in December 2019. Few ministers obtain the office of Spiritual Director, an office which recognizes her calling as a mentor or spirit guide to help individuals to desern the presence of God in the ordinary happenings of life and help them develop a deeper relationship with their faith. 

Academic Background & Training

  • Graduate Certificate – Canadian Celebrant Institute — 2019
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching – Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation – Royal Roads University, Kingston, ON – 2009
  • Certificate and Diploma in Adult Education – St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS – 2005
  • Diploma in Ministry – St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS – 2001
  • Human Resources Management Certificate – St. Lawrence College, Kingston, ON – 1987

Service Club Membership & Awards

  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) – 2009 to Present
  • Member of World Business Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) – 2016 to Present
  • Wedding Industry Experts Award -‘Most Popular New Officiant’ – 2016
  • South Eastern Ontario Wedding Awards – 2016
  • Commendation – Associate Assistant Deputy Minister of National Defense – 1998


Rev Carolyn is a very spiritual woman of strong faith – she appreciates various aspects of world religions and spiritual traditions. She has a diverse understand of traditional institutions as she was raised Catholic, her husband is Jewish, and one of her best friends practices Buddhism.  

Rev Carolyn has created a ministry of coaching and counselling to make a difference in others’ lives. Through workshops, public speaking, and one-on-one coaching, she inspires people to grow and move forward in life through her natural motivational abilities. Being non-judgmental and open-minded are two of Carolyn’s key values. With inclusiveness, appreciation of diversity, and acceptance being of personal importance to her, belonging to Clergy Support Memorial Church — “a church without walls” — feels like home to Carolyn.


Spiritual support has been extended to couples, individuals, and families for whom Carolyn has officiated ceremonies (whether weddings, baptisms or memorials/celebration of life ceremonies). 

Apart from individual and/or couple spiritual coaching, Rev Carolyn’s pastoral care activities have been in the form of volunteering in leadership or membership roles that have the potential to reach and positively impact many people — particularly vulnerable and/or under-represented groups. 

Within the health-care sector, she represents a community voice as an Advisory Council Member for the Centre for Studies in Primary Care (CSPC) Department of Family Medicine at Queen’s University, Kingston, ON.  She also has been a Co-Facilitator of a wellness program, and support group meetings, for individuals dealing with mental and/or physical, chronic and/or terminal health challenges, at Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston, ON.  As well, she is a former Director of Employment Equity, Kingston Chapter Board of Directors – Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Carolyn regularly volunteers services/reduces fees for financially challenged individuals/organizations. This has included providing workshops and/or coaching within non-profit organizations and Indigenous communities as well as mentoring student coaches.  

Since September 2020, as an alumna of St. Francis Xavier University, Rev Carolyn has participated in the university’s “Neighbours Helping Neighbours” program as a Wellness Check-In Volunteer, offering phone and text support to students during isolation/quarantine periods in relation to the pandemic.


Through her natural abilities, and coach certification training, Carolyn listens with depth, facilitates creation of new insight, and helps people move forward, while enhancing personal, professional and/or spiritual growth.  The framework she is trained in is applicable in all realms including executive/leadership coaching, career coaching, life coaching, spiritual coaching, etc. 

Since onset of the pandemic in Canada, Carolyn has offered her coaching expertise to executives/leaders in healthcare and educational environments and has been facilitating a monthly virtual forum for professional coaches to meet and coach each other.  During this challenging time, coaches are supporting individuals in various challenging situations including job loss, over-work, health challenges, stress related to the pandemic, social justice issues, political unrest, etc.  She mindfully created this “Coach Connection” group to support coaches as they provide support to others – a ‘care for the care-givers’ initiative.


Carolyn believes in a Higher Power and refers to that Sacred Source as God, as well as Creator and/or Universe. She believes that everyone is a child of God, that all of us are – all of creation is – sacred, and that we all have Divine presence within – a soul.  Carolyn’s spirituality stems from Indigenous ancestry on her father’s side along with a Roman Catholic upbringing as her mother’s chosen religion. Carolyn’s parents were very spiritual and taught that everyone – from any religion/race, etc. – is equal. 

Carolyn ‘s personal and spiritual growth unfolds through daily prayers, practicing mindfulness/meditation, being coached, and attending webinars, etc. Her favourite books are in the self-help, self-empowerment, spirituality, and biography realms with favourite authors including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Joel Osteen, Louise Hay, Brené Brown, and John Maxwell.

Whether in personal, professional and/or religious contexts, Carolyn feels our world would be a better place if everyone lived by ‘The Golden Rule,’ in essence:  treat others as we want to be treated — which she sees as being with love, care, understanding, compassion and respect. 


Carolyn loves the performing arts, particularly singing and dancing. She has written all her life, has a passion for writing poetry, and plans to publish a leadership self-help book this year.