Performing a Wedding Ceremony

Training Reminders

Wedding ceremonies are memory makers. Reading a ceremony is one thing but making it into a great memory is another thing. The skill is to make the couples experience a forever experience!

One of the best ways to ensure that a ceremony will go well is to cover the following in the planning meeting:

  • Make sure you go over the marriage licence in great detail.
  • Make sure you tell the couple how & when they can get a marriage certificate after the ceremony.
  • Make sure to make any announcements the couple asks you to make (e.g. no pictures are to be taken during the ceremony). Sometimes the best man will fulfill this role.
  • Alternatively, suggest that the couple post a cute sign asking that no pictures be taken or cell phones used.
  • When the music starts, make sure the guests know when to rise. A swooping hand motion works well.
  • If they are coming down the aisle too quickly, consider giving them the slow down sign.
  • Once the couple are both standing in front of you, motion for the guests to be seated.
  • Discuss the sound setup at the venue. Will a mic be provided? Make sure guests in the back rows can hear you.
  • Feed the couple their vows a few words at the time.
  • Make sure you have tissues at the vows!
  • During the signing, instruct the couple and witnesses quietly on where to sign then get out of the way for photos.
  • When the signing is done, return to centre stage to make the declaration.
  • Hold the bridal party until the couple are well down the aisle. Space them out. The celebrant should always be the last person to move.