Rev Louise Burns


The Clergy Support Memorial Church Board was honoured to recognize the Rev Louise Burns as an Appointed Designated Minister – Life Celebrations, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Pastoral Care with a special focus on the First Nations Community, on November 16, 2010.

Academic Background

  • M.Sc., Marriage & Family Therapy -University of Guelph
  • B.Sc., Family Studies – University of Guelph
  • Community Justice Initiatives-Transformative Mediation: Skills for Community Mediators

Ministry to First Nations Community

Rev Louise recognizes her service in the Aboriginal community has been a blessing and a privilege. She listens to the stories so relevant today in her counselling with those who have suffered the historical traumas passed down through the generations. Rev Louise offers her support in helping make changes, so all have the opportunity to walk a good red road and to wake up a conscious awareness to the Europeans who struggle to acknowledge, understand, these historical and current factors.

For those who live on a limited income, she makes herself available for counselling and support, including rides and providing food supplies.

She offers her support by attending the quarterly gathering of aboriginal women in Kitchener from different cultures who tell their stories of their struggles and triumphs and how they are giving back to the community.

Rev Louise is there each week to help the Healing of the Seven Generations, an Aboriginal organization, which offers a community lunch every Wednesday.

She participated in a two day First Peoples healing Conference and was a panel member regarding discussions on emotional healing.

Performing Life Celebrations

Performing Life Celebrations has brought great opportunities for outreach and Pastoral Care. Often during her meetings with couples prior to their wedding ceremony, things will come up. Like unresolved issues with parents and what an important opportunity their wedding ceremony can be to mend bridges. Louise has many testimonials from couples and families commenting on her delivery of their ceremony as “her words came from the heart”, “the ceremony was so moving it made us examine our relationships again”.

Community Volunteerism

Most recently Rev Louise took part in the vigil at her Kitchener City Hall involving what was happening to the migrants coming across from Iran.

Since 1998 Rev Louise has been working with families, children, men, women and couples, as well as co-facilitating groups that deal with; Partner Violence, Mindfulness, Addictions, Children who witness violence, Sexual abuse … a long list of counselling therapy and support which knows no bounds in yesterday and today’s society.


Outstanding Contribution Certificate from Family & Children’s Services of Waterloo, Ontario.


She collects grandfathers (stones & rocks) drift wood, branches and anything wood. Louise loves working the earth and so over the years she has developed her own gardens made up of flowers and plants that others share and trees found in the woods.

She reads lots of different books from all over the world and is always amazed and humbled when she notices how certain writings describe how she see’s the world, what’s important to her and even providing answers to some long-standing questions she has had.