Rev Laurence McKenna (MDiv, ThM)

Laurence McKenna - 3296 - 600x600Credentials

Before joining Clergy Support Memorial Church, Laurence was an Ordained Roman Catholic priest for twelve years.

His Ordination was recognized by our fellowship on December 31st, 2018. His theological qualifications and pastoral ministry experience are impeccable, and we are excited to have a person of Laurence’s character associated with us. He has worked as a teacher, youth minister, and as chaplain in hospitals, prison, and schools. To this day, he still enjoys working with kids, running youth drama programs, teaching drama skills and putting on performances. Welcome aboard Laurence.

Academic Achievements

  • BA (Waterloo)
  • BEd (Toronto)
  • Masters of Divinity (St. Michael’s)
  • Master of Sacred Theology (Toronto)

Thoughts on Spirituality

Laurence believes that all people desire the same thing: to find purpose in life. He also believes that all people of faith, regardless of their faith tradition, are searching for the same thing: the transcendent or the divine. No matter how that is expressed in their culture or faith. He believes that people search for ultimate meaning in their life and want to find means of expressing this meaning.


Laurence finds great joy in the arts and more specifically running youth theatre programs which teach drama skills. He enjoys entertaining family and friends, impressing them with his culinary arts. When traveling many of the world’s destinations, it is a sure choice that he will be visiting museums and historical locations to keep developing his knowledge of world history.

Three Words Friends Use to Describe Laurence: Empathetic, humorous, trustworthy.

Former Ministry

Laurence’s ministry covers a vast area of service. He has offered his expertise as a Parish Priest, Chaplain and Counsellor. After leaving the institutional church, he has also served as a Department Head of Religion, a Guidance Counselor and a teacher in the field of education.

He has always enjoyed being an empathic and spiritual guide for youth, including his many high school students in his role as guidance counsellor and as the department head of Student Services and Religion. He finds it enormously fulfilling helping people discern their personal goals in their life and careers.

He was a source of strength and compassion to prison inmates during the time he spent in Illinois, USA serving as a Chaplain.

Many families have sought and relied on Laurence’s guidance and comforting words as they struggled with issues in their life, whether they were personal issues, experienced while in a hospital struggling with illness or approaching life’s end.